With the onset of the dawn, BNI Lucknow North is pleased to introduce you to BNI Evolve 2019- A Business Networking Conclave which is to be organized on 18th May, 2019 at Golden Blossoms Imperial Resorts, Lucknow; and aimed towards ‘Expanding the Possibilities’  for Business and Networking Opportunities in the Lucknow Region.

The Motto of the conclave is Access, Assess, and Accelerate wherein Eminent Business Houses and BNI Members are encouraged to Access the wealth of knowledge, insights, and networking opportunities and eventually evolve into Successful Business Leaders.

The conclave shall provide an opportunity to Eminent Business Houses and BNI Members to Assess and evaluate the avenues to achieve Business Excellence through this  Business Networking Platform and its value as a take away. With BNI Evolve-2019,Eminent Business Houses and BNI Members in the region will learn how to maintain a scorecard to measure & improve various internal processes and their outcomes as value drivers for their businesses and as able introducers to fellow Business Delegate & BNI Members.

The Business Networking Conclave has been uniquely designed for Eminent Business Houses, BNI Members and Member Strategic Partners/ Member Sponsored Guests  to learn to benchmark their competition and evaluate their businesses so as to be able to move in the right direction and with the appropriate pace.

The Business Networking Conclave provides a platform for Eminent Business Houses and BNI Members to connect among themselves to develop personal as well as professional relationship which would allow them to reap the rewards of the uniquely designed  BNI Networking System.

Eminent Business Houses and BNI Members would be able to form High Performance Focused Groups in future aimed at increasing productivity and profitability without having to connect physically as it can be done using virtual tools.

Unique Business Workshops by Successful Eminent Business Houses and BNI Business Leaders/Members who can provide deep insights on how to use networking for growth of the business and industry specific approach.

The objective is to enable the Eminent Business Houses and BNI Members to  Accelerate their Business Growth and Evolve as Business Leaders.

This is a wonderful opportunity to evolve and grow exponentially using the simple skills of Networking. The Conclave has been engineered for developing and flourishing together. Business leaders and Captains of Industry would be participating in this Business Networking Conclave and it will be a great platform to showcase your Products & Services.

We are sure that by joining the BNI Evolve 2019- Business Networking Conclave you will have access to grow and prosper and change the way business is done in the world.

BNI EVOLVE 2019 OFFERS THE FOLLOWING AVENUES FOR SPONSORSHIP & PARTNERSHIPS. Take this wonderful opportunity to connect with Eminent Business Houses & BNI Leaders to build lasting relationship for success.


Sponsorship Prices
BNI Evolve 2019 Presenting Sponsor:
₹ 2.0 Lacs + GST
BNI Evolve 2019 Powered By Sponsor:  ₹ 1.0 Lac + GST
BNI Evolve 2019 Platinum Sponsor: ₹0.75 Lac + GST
BNI Evolve 2019 Gold Sponsor: ₹ 0.50 Lac + GST
BNI Evolve 2019 Silver Sponsor: ₹ 0.25 Lac + GST
BNI Evolve 2019 Mobility Sponsor/Partner: ₹ 0.50 Lac + GST
Power Play - Exhibition Arena Title Sponsor: ₹ 0.50 Lac + GST
Fashion Show & Award Ceremony Title Sponsor: ₹ 0.50 Lac + GST
Musical Evening & Dinner Title Sponsor: ₹ 0.50 Lac + GST
BNI Evolve 2019 Two Wheeler Sponsor/Partner: ₹ 0.25 Lac + GST


Sponsorship Prices
BNI Evolve 2019 Knowledge Partner:
0.25 Lac + GST
BNI Evolve 2019 Real Estate Partner:  0.25 Lac + GST
BNI Evolve 2019 Renewable Energy Partner:  ₹ 0.25 Lac + GST
BNI Evolve 2019 Wealth Management Partner:  ₹ 0.25 Lac + GST
BNI Evolve 2019 Banking Partner:  ₹ 1.0 Lac + GST
BNI Evolve 2019 Insurance Partner: 0.25 Lac + GST
BNI Evolve 2019 Education Partner: 0.25 Lac + GST
BNI Evolve 2019 Hospitality Partner: 0.25 Lac + GST
BNI Evolve 2019 Media Partner:  0.25 Lacs + GST
BNI Evolve 2019 Logistic Partner: 0.25 Lac + GST
BNI Evolve 2019 NGO Partner:  0.25 Lac + GST
BNI Evolve 2019 Outdoor Partner: 0.25 Lac + GST
BNI Evolve 2019 Telecom Partner: 0.25 Lac + GST
BNI Evolve 2019 Play-School Partner: 0.25 Lac + GST
Power Play - Exhibition Arena Partner: 0.25 Lacs + GST
Fashion Show & Award Ceremony Partner: 0.25 Lacs + GST
Musical Evening Partner: 0.25 Lacs + GST

In-Conclave Venue Brand Activation will include Sustainer Brand Presence in:
Arch Gateways, Side Wings, Registration Arena, Stage LED Backdrop, Exhibition Arena Double Sided LCD Display Panels, Direction Boards, Programme Cards, Tent Cards, Invitations, Emcee Mentions and Conclave Souvenir Advertorial spaces, Ad Spaces.

City Brand Activation Brand Activation will include Sustainer Brand Presence in:
BTL Activation 5 Touch Points, Conclave Official Website, Social Media Visibility as Digital Marketing, and Radio Advertisement.

Conclave Target Group (TG) & Audience Numbers:
300 to 400 Business Leader/ Captains of Industry, Eminent Business Houses, BNI Members, BNI Member Strategic Partners and Guests.

We at BNI Lucknow North would highly appreciate if you participate in this BNI Evolve 2019: Business Networking Conclave as a Sustainer (Sponsor/ Partner)  and support the initiative to build Business Synergy & Trading Ecosystem empowered by strong Business Network Platform.

We can further discuss the engagement and take it to the next level as per your Organizational Needs and Business Interests. 
Feel free to reach us at  info@BNIevolveLucknow.com or  deepak@bni-india.in or  sanjai@bni-india.in ; you can alternatively reach us at
+91 9415026828
 or  +91 9923479151  or SOS  +91 9918075999.

Let The Networking Begin!!!
Best Regards,
Deepak Trivedi & Sanjai Tewari
Executive Directors for BNI Lucknow North (BNI India)